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Why Moving Sucks

Yeah, I know. Moving sucking isn’t exactly a novel concept, and I think anyone who has had to move more than once is familiar with why it sucks so much, but in light of my recent move back to North Texas and in light of one startling discovery I feel compelled to make a detailed list. That startling discovery by the way is that I have taken a meticulous count and I have moved from one location to another exactly 14 times in the last 14 years. That’s right! One move a year on average from the age of 18 to almost 32. Not all of these moves are my fault (like hey, thanks parents for getting divorced). and I won’t say most of them were bad moves (some of them were less than 20 miles) but hey, a move is a move, and moving flat out sucks.

1) Leaving Friends/Family

For most people this is a big one, but most of my life it hasn’t really affected me. I have had one true best friend since high school and we have always lived close enough to hang out when necessary. My wife is also special to me but hey, she’s my wife, so its not like any moves didn’t include her. But last year I began to understand, perhaps for the first time, how difficult to leave family behind.

My parents and grandparents are getting older and they have all moved or had health problems in the last few years. Before I was always sort of nearby but living in Corpus I am at least seven hours away from anybody. I can call and I can send emails but it is frustrating to have people you love that you only see once or twice a year when you used to see them all the time.

And even though I don’t make a lot of friends their have been people I hang out with and do things with that it seems like just when I am starting to develop a genuine friendship I’m out the door. I guess this problem is even worse if you are a real social butterfly.

2) Money

Let’s face it. Moving is expensive! Not that expensive, you might say. Nope. Real expensive. To give you an idea me and Jen moving to Corpus from Stephenville cost us roughly 3,000 dollars. That’s not a joke or an exaggeration. Our move back will be roughly half that, and that is only because we already have a place ready and Jen’s dad came down and got more than half of our stuff free of charge.

When you get to a new area there are all types of expenses. New lease fees, deposits, changing your drivers licence, out-of-state fee’s in some cases. You name it they will charge you for it. This is why you should factor these costs in any time you take a new job that is far away. By the time you add up expenses it may not be worth it.

3) Knowing the culture

Let’s face it. We are creatures of habit. Wherever we live that is what we adapt to. We know what we like or don’t like and we try to live our lives according to our tastes. Yet most people are adaptable. A few years ago I hated Chinese food. Now I love it. I used to hate reality t.v. but I’ve grown accustomed to it. We can get used to anything but everytime we move we have to learn to readapt.

Maybe this isn’t such a big problem when you are young but as we get older we just want to stay where we are and do what we know. The more you move and the farther you move the tougher it is to immerse yourself in new culture and adapt the way you are capable of. I tried to like the Lakers when I lived in L.A. but it never felt right. Same thing with the Astros down here. And although I love the Mexican food in south texas somebody better get me some real bbq when I go back north and fast…

4) The Stuff

You have stuff, I have stuff, we all have stuff, and we all know what a pain in the ass it is to move it. I could get into a lengthy rant about it but why bother when I have the wit and wisdom of George Carlin to do it for me/

5) No Rest for the Wicked

Mostly moving just takes it out of you. From boxing stuff to changing your adress to moving fees to saying goodbye it’s all nothing but a great big hassle. Who wants to sit in a folding chair watching old movies and eating take out while your “transitioning” when you could have been at home in your nice recliner watching the Cowboys? Once you’re moved in you are relaxed and comfortable but until then it is a nightmare.

Unfortunately we all have to move at some time and some times the experience is truly worth it. But take some advice from a man who has moved far too often. Whenever possible, STAY THE FUCK WHERE YOU ARE!!! And most importantly be happy. Change can be good, but stability can be just as nice.


Jack B.