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Key word in Illegal Immigration is “Illegal” not Immigrant.

In some ways I understand the Phoenix Suns wearing “Los Suns” jerseys as a partial protest to Arizona’s new immigration law. I get the angry columnists, and worrysome protesters that have made their way into downtown town squares across the southwest. I get the animosity, and the resentment because in many ways I understand. I have been there folks. I, like many others have been an “illegal immigrant sympathizer.” As recently as 2007 I wrote a blog condemning harsh immigration laws and spoke on all the fine points of our hispanic brethren to the south. I also know that America is a unique country, one founded on immigrantion from the earliest days of Plymouth Rock to the Ellis Island immigration flood of the late nineteenth, early twentieth cenury. We are a nation of immigrants, and yes, many of those immigrants have come here illegaly.

I won’t say my opinions about hispanics have changed over the last three years, but my opinions about immigration law have changed dramatically. It is not just that there is an ongoing war in the border regions of southern states, and that people, U.S. citizens, have lost their lives to non-U.S, citizens, but they have. It is not just that illegal immigration brings with it rising child poverty, new wellfare recipients, and massive over-population, but it does. And it is not even that illegal immigrants bring with them increased drug trafficking, high crime, and a propensity for domestic terrorism, though all of that too is likely. No, the real reason I came around is because frankly, we can not meet everyone’s needs, and illegal immigration is a drain on this economy.

Right now America can barely afford to keep its own citizenry safe and prosperous, we certainly do not have the resources to help out everyone else. Every year thousands of people across the globe are placed on a waiting list to immigrate to this country legally, and yet many people still feel it is okay to let others cut in line. America is a big place, but we must have laws to keep it safe and prosperous. What is so wrong with that people? Why is it fair for some to take for free what others have to pay for?

I realize that many hispanic immigrants do our country a great service by working hard, and providing us with cheap labor and commerce, but this too is a fallacy. When you get something cheap you always pay for it in some other way. How much more could we afford if every citizen had a job? How much more could we pay for if we paid our own people what they are worth? Illegal’s take jobs that others could do, and in exchange they pay no taxes. I admire their hard work and value to our economy, but again, America must take care of it’s own citizens first.

I am writing this blog because all Americans must come together and realize that illegal immigration is a real problem and a growing one. I do not hate illegal immigrants, and I am certainly not racist. I would even support some forms of guest worker, and amnesty programs, provided we could stop the tide of illegal immigration once and for all.

We must send troops to the border to protect our people, and we must secure our border permanently through a well-monitored wall, with high-tech surveillance. I do not say this out of hatred or ignorance, but only because it is the only way to fully secure this country.

All people need to stand up and not be afraid to speak the truth. It is okay to be against illegal immigration, and to pass laws to protect our border. That is all the good people of Arizona are trying to do folks. The sooner we stop with the political correctness, and liberal hand-wringing the sooner we can face a real problem head on. Illegal Immigration has got to stop, whether you feel bad about saying it or not.


Jack B.