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Don’t let Republicans tell you how to vote

You know with politics that the more things change the more things stay the same. Every few years we hear stories about how the electorate is fed up with whatever congress is doing, and how it is time for a change. The only problem is that the average voter goes right on back to the same group of people. In the movie “The Untouchables” Sean Connery tells Kevin Costner “If you are afraid of getting a rotten apple then don’t pick one from the barrel, go straight to the tree.” Well folks, Washington politicians are the rotten apples.

I don’t particularly care if people vote for Republicans or Democrats, or third party candidates. What I do care about is people voting for good candidates, not for the party they find the least offensive. This is why I find it ironic that people on the right, folks like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, are ringing their hands worrying about these Tea Partiers, and whether or not they will be a force for good (meaning vote for Republicans) in November, or split the conservative vote and actually help the Democrats. Frankly I don’t know or care.

What I do know is that when you elect incompetant people the results are always bad, and right now I would say Democrats who control all branches of government at the moment, and Republicans, who controlled all branches of government for six years, have both done a pretty lousy job. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t vote for a Democrat or Republican, but the candidate you vote for should share your ideas, not simply have a “D” or an “R” next to their name, which you think makes them better than the other guy. Voting for independants gives this country a great chance to change the current mess in Washington, and frankly, a few libertarians wouldn’t hurt when you look at the rampant spending going on.

I know that some conservatives will point to the 92 election as an example of what happens when you vote for a third party. Their thinking is that because some conservatives voted for Ross Perot instead of George Bush that that cost them the election. But let’s re-examine that election briefly. First off, not all of Perot’s voters were staunch Republicans, many of them were young moderates, and disenfranchised voters that would not have voted for either mainstream candidate. But even if Perot did cost Bush the election that wasn’t necessairly a bad thing. Perot’s success in the polls forced President Clinton to run on balancing the budget, and when he was elected he did just that. The Perot success also taught conservatives that they needed candidates who were stronger on cutting taxes, and limiting government. When candidates ran on that message in 94 conservatives won in a landslide. A little political turmoil is always good for Washington. It reminds the guys on top who really runs the show.

I am sure Republicans will do well in the mid-term elections. All signs point to this, but if we elect bad Republicans we will be no better off than we are right now. When voting don’t simply listen to what a candidate says (believe me, they will all be talking about limited government this November) but look at what they have done. Candidates like John McCain, and Arlen Spector (who used to be a Republican) are just as bad on spending as most Democrats.

If you want Washington to change then you have to change how you vote. If you don’t then don’t be surprised to see a few more of those rotten apples come November.


Jack B.